(I'm not even in the mood to say "hey! long time no see!")

This day was just... WOW! Like,
- Ryo's new drama!!
- Maemuki scream! / CANDY MY LOVE release!!

AND Subaru won best actor for Misono Universe!!!!!!!!!!!!! Here's the whole article!!

I feel so proud I can't hold my tears back...
I knew his movie was internationally popular.. It went on in Japan, Rotterdam, to some other 5 european countries, Russia and now to CANADA!

And the article says that it was decided by some film critics NOT voting!!!

(I thought I'll say lots about this that's why I ended up writing it as an entry... But then all words are gone! x'D Subaru took all my mind srsly!! Not only him actually... But let's keep it as it is now... I have another topic which needs to be discussed!!)
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Birthday post part 3~~

SOO !! :D The last part of my celebration of my baby Yoko-chan's 34th bday ~ It'll be featuring him with the members :D

1st of all !! Yoko graduating the 33 y/o of the sanbaka x')
It kinda makes me sad bcs I want all 3 of them to stay 33 4ever xD

***Yoko as one of the sanbaka~ How nostalgic~





Now Yoko with Subaru heart1.gif

The Yoko-Hina pair !! The (ex-)recomen combi :D And the ex-married couple xD

And the endless (SUPER CUTE) moments of Maru and Yoko xD


(Yoko-Maru are so endless, I can't post all of their pics at once xD)


AND THE Idk-its-name pair BUT WHOM I LOVE SOOO MUCH : Ryo with Yoko heart1.gif


AND NOW ~~~~  THE ELDEST WITH the YOUNGEST (and who is having his 30TH bday next week!!!!)

And since I just love Yoko too much, I have to add some other pics of him 281356_original.gif


("Will you marry me?" YES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! )

~~ And a final pic to end this precious day :')
  • ∞ Where are you?? : Forever in the Eight fandom !! :D
  • ∞ How are you?? : Sleepy~~ BUT GOTTA GO WATCH KANJANISM !!! XD
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Birthday post part 2~~

Soooo... As it's the 9th may here and still 9th in japan, I wish a
      ❤HAPPY 34th BIRTHDAY YOKO-chan !!

SO! First of all, some Yoko-only pics~
pas de titrepas de titrepas de titre

pas de titre
pas de titre6aa04393e52a49d4005389de57c0682a.jpg

*** Yes, it's the same person xD***
pas de titre pas de titre

*** Chibi Yoko heart1.gif
tumblr_mk3xptoz0X1r29yvoo1_1280.jpgpas de titre

*** I LOVE THIS and it's so accurate !!! (c) tumblr

*** Now, some gifs xD heart1.gif
tumblr_n2rvv4RO5x1qikxe2o1_250.gif tumblr_n2xoyaRAfx1qikxe2o1_500.gif


Ok, I'll have to stop xD I just realized I posted about Yoko way more than I had thought I'd xD

There is a 3rd part to this post :D and it's members-related :D

*One last pic before I go.. XD
(c) eitoconfessions@tumblr

I wish I could..
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Uwaaaaaa Hisashiburiiii~

WOW! It really has been long since I last posted here though I was planning to post sth for Pi's and Kei-chan's b-days but I couldn't x(
There was no freaking way I'd miss YOKO'S 34th... hum hum... BIRTHDAY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (In Japan! Here it's still the 8th)

OMG!! I feel like I'm lying by saying that now he is 34 y/o !!!!!!

I have tons to say to this guy... But once I start it'll never end x)
Well, to celebrate his b-day, I thought of watching kanjanism the con!! :D (tomorrow)
I wanted also to make a list of sthe stuff I like about him, I won't tell all details to each and every one bcs it'll never end that way xD (today) and with the members (tomorrow) :D

I'll start:

heart1.gifHis SUPER-YOUNG lookings!!!

I have never seen in my life such a phenomenon!!! O.O Usually 34 y/o looks already like an ossan but he still looks as young as a 20 y/o !!!!

heart1.gif How he does his best :')
I can't relate how much he gives me strength to keep fighting with my exams (I know Tacchon took the exam too but Tacchon, ok let's speak the truth, was already a bit quicker to learn than Yoko) No matter how difficult the task looks, he goes for it with full power even though he is 100% convinced that he won't succeed... Not only do I say this, but also psychologists say so too:
But he srsly did his very very best to succed the highschool certification exam!!!! I was really moved by him to he point I felt ashamed with myself, and was SUPER proud of him... He, himself, was super shocked when he succeeded everything esp english... I will never forget his tears back then... :')

heart1.gifWhen he is carving for attention xD
I will never forget how much he wanted to be the center in a PV to the point he organized a whole event where eito members fought for the prize of being the center of the next song (he, somehow, convinced them xD) and as a motivation, he added the lovey-dovey batsu-game... xD AND HE FOUGHT TIL HE WON THAT PRIZE XDDD
Also, he tends to say in con MCs that he will leave (the con) when he is overly tsukkomi-ed xDD
*This one is from the Spirits!! con (2005)*

Yoko is usually 'normal'/airhead, but when it comes to dokkiri-planning or pranks, HE IS TENSAI !!!!
* He was the one to plan the 8est event (for the center prize) by calling the members w/o knowing anything!
* He was the mastermind of the neoki-dokkiri which was DAISEIKOU!!! :DD
* He was the one to think and bring the character "Babun" into life! = The dokkiri he made for Hina !! THIS ONE WAS, like, ORGANIZED BY A PRO!!!! EVERYTHING WAS PLANNED PERFECTLY AND ALWAYS HAD A 'B' PLAN FOR EVERY LITTLE THING!!!! To all people wo haven't seen it yet, IT'S A MUST-SEE FOR SURE !!!!!

heart1.gif I love how he is all over-confident about hiself xD
I mean, look at his Doya-gao xDD !!!!!!! It's so funny everytime he does it XDD

heart1.gifHe is simply cute, handsome, perfect the way he is and I WILL LOVE HIM AS LONG AS I'M ALIVE AND EVEN IN MY AFTERLIFE!!
Yoko is srsly my inspiration to do my best and if it wasn't for him, I'd be surely slacking off right now...
He is one special guy... I can't live w/o him at all !! (well, this goes for all Eito)

I still have a lot to say about Yoko but as I said it's endless x)
Of course, I will post a lot of pics and celebrate again tomorrow :D I'm not done yet xD

So, Happy birthday again ! Will you spend this very precious day wonderfully and wish this year to be full of happy events and ofc may God keep you healthy :'D (And cure your over-forgetfulness xD No, that's very fine with me
heart1.gif) 262498_original.gif


*** I just love his selfies*** (more to come tomorrow~)

**And finally, this super cute fanart of Yoko~ (featuring PanPanda heart1.gif)

(Seems I'm still not done xD Ok, one last one before I go...)

お誕生日おめでとうございます!!もう34歳やで〜  まだまだ若いそう heart1.gif めっちゃすきやねん~ !
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PART 2 !!!

Here is the continuation of the quiz I posted yesterday :D ~

13. If you could command 8 to perform any one task or service for you, what would it be?
(Junno) I want him to tell me as many gags he knows as he can :D I want to be able to get Maru xD

14. If 2 had to choose sides between 4 and 5, which would it be?
(Ryo/Hina/Koyama) If it was a KAT-TUN member, it'd be easy bcs he has never been once with them! But for NEWS... Anyways, he would choose Hina !! He has always liked Eito more and everyone knows that !

15.If you choose a song to represent 7, which song would you choose?
(Yasu) It's his solo "TOPOP" There is no song that can represent him better in my opinion !! :D

16. 1, 6 and 10 are having dim sum at a chinese restaurant. There is one scallion pancake left. And they all reach for it at the same time. Who gets to eat it?
(Subaru/Shige/Tegoshi) This would be Tegoshi !! I think Subaru and Shige aren't that gluttonous to fight over this ! (Though Subaru would probably fight for it if it was with his members x))

17. What might be a good pick-up line for 2 to use on 10?
(Ryo/Tegoshi) Lol I don't know... xP Ryo likes Tegoshi a lot he would never even think to pick up a fight with him !

18. What would 5 most likely be arrested for?
(Koyama) He is very nice I doubt he'll ever be arrested...

19. What is 6's secret?
(Shige) He can't speak Kansai-ben ! (though it's not a secret, it's known that he is from Osaka but I NEVER heard him spell not even one single word in kansai-ben I doubt he still remembers his dialect...)

20. If 9 and 11 were racing to a destination, who would get there first?
(Maru/Ueda) Maru would !!!! Maru's sport 'speciality' is track-and-field !! He won the 1st place before :)

21. What would 1 most likely give to 7 on his b-day?
(Subaru/Yasu) Subaru has given Yasu so many bday presents so far, so I can't predict what is next x)

22. If you had to walk home through a bad neighborhood late at night, who would you feel safer in the company of, 7 or 8?
Yasu/Junno) YASU !!!!! Though he doesn't show it (since he is mostly in girly-mood with Shibuyan xD), he is VERY MANLY when it comes to girls !! So, yeah.. Yasu <3

FINISHED !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D
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Yet, another quiz :D

I found this one in the blog of an arashi fan ! I liked it :D Though some questions were hard to answer! And it's quite long but fun ^-^ This is the first part as it's very long to be put at once x)

From your fandom, who would you like to :
1. Have dinner with : Murakami Shingo! (aka Hina)  For having a dinner, seems it would be with someone quite 'the man'... Hina, as the gentleman of Eito, would be suitable for this occasion :D
  2. Share an appartment with : Maru or Tacchon. I don't have a special reason but I simply thought it would be cute and fun xD or for some reasons that cannot be revealed
    3. Be locked in a jail with : Yasu ! I think he would be very nice xD (as usual)
  4. Go camping with : Yoko!! Definitely!! He is sooo amazing at organising these kind of stuff :D But with Maru.. XD It would be fun xD Can't choose... !!
    5. Go on a date with : ALLLL !!!!!! x( Ok, I'll try... Then, Subaru <3 Though he doesn't look like it, he would be very caring towards his date :')

What 3 characters would you want working for you if you were a

supervillain planning to dominate the world :

            - NUMBER 1 WOULD BE DEINITELY YOKO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He is usually stupid (no offense ofc) But when it comes to dokkiri plans and evil doings, he is GENIUS !!!!
          - Unexpectedly Ryo ! Though he doesn't look like it. Upon watching Hina's dokkiri, I noticed how much excitment he shows whilst dokkiri-ing xD
            - Hina ! He must be feeling a strong urge to dokkiri someone xD (and why not tsukkomi xD)

List 12 people and answer these questions : (choose their numbers randomly so that

you are not biased)

1 - Shibutani Subaru (Kanjani8)
2 - Nishikido Ryo (Kanjani8)
3 - Yokoyama You (Kanjani8)
4 - Murakami Shingo
5 - Koyama Keiichiro (NEWS)
6 - Kato Shigeaki (NEWS)
7 - Yasuda Shota (Kanjani8)
8 - Taguchi Junnosuke (KAT-TUN)
9 - Maruyama Ryuhei (Kanjani8)
10 - Tegoshi Yuya (NEWS)
11 - Ueda Tatsuya (KAT-TUN)
12 - Ohkura Tadayoshi (Kanjani8)

(sorry I couldn't help putting their colors xD)

1. Who would make a better college proffessor, 6 or 11? What subjects would he teach?
(Shige/Ueda) Defintely Shige ! He is a writer, you know! And graduated from Aogaku, so obviously he would make a good prof ! And is already sometimes called by his bandmates "Sensei" x) I think he would teach well subjects like litterature or history...

2. Do you think 4 is hot?
Hina) OFC !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Though he doesn't always show it ! x))

12 sends 8 on a mission. What is it, and does it succeed?
Tacchon/Junno) I guess not only Tacchon but all Eito would would send Junno to learn Kansai-ben properly xD I believe he would succeed ! Since he even talks with his bandmates sometimes with Kansai-ben xD It would be a good practice ! xD

What is or would be 9's favorite book?
Maru) I'm not sure about what Maru reads but sometimes he talks like a philosopher! Other than this, I think he likes Shige's novels the most XD Since he (Maru) bought 3 copies of the 1st novel just for himself xD

5. Would it make more sense for 2 to swear fealty to 6, or the other way round?
Ryo/Shige)Didn't understand the question xP (if someone could explain it to me x))

6. For some reason, 5 is looking for a roommate. Shoud he share a studio appartment with 9 or 10?
Kei-chan/Maru/Tegoshi) Neither of them xD I guess Kei-chan will suffer with both of them xD Tegoshi is all messy and won't participate in the housework ! Maru is too crazy to be supported by Kei-chan xD (though Maru is elder xD
And the fact that no one has seen Maru in private before...)

7. 2, 7 and 12 have dinner together, where do they go, and what do they discuss?
Ryo/Yasu/Tacchon) They would go to... a mere restaurant ? Since the 3 of them are quite passionate, they would talk about work or ways to improve themselves... xP

8. 3 challenges 10 to a duel. What happens?
Tegoshi) Yoko would probably challenge Tegoshi to a singing battle though he knows that he would lose against Tego xD Yes, Yoko is this kind of person xD

9. If 1 stole 8's most precious possession, how would he get it back?
Subaru/Junno) I don't know... this is a very weird situation with these 2 :/
I'll think more about it...

10. Suggest a title for a story in which 7 and 12 both attain what they most desire?
Yasu/Tacchon) Eeh... Just imagining the story is hard enough... o>...<o

11. What kind of plot device would you use if you wanted 4 and 1 to work together?
Hina/Subaru) I don't even get the question... o_O

12. If 7 visited you for the weekend, how would you get along?
Yasu) We would spend the weekend out trying all kinds of attractions and would have lots of fun :D

2nd part tomorrow :3 **
  • ∞ How are you?? : BUSY !!
  • ∞ Listenning to : Yoko, Subaru, Yasu, Tacchon - Kari (kari)
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NEW QUIZ !!!! :D

I've found this one is the blog of a NEWS fan... The questions were, actually, regarding NEWS but I made them into Kanjani8 XD They are very interesting :D It's short but NOT easy at all xD

1. If the members had become teachers, who would teach what subject?
(since I'm too biased with "Gamushara Koushinkyoku", I will choose what they've chosen themselves :D)
  > Yoko : History
  > Subaru : Music
  > Hina : ??? [I couldn't figure out what he said during the PV x( ]
  > Maru : Japanese
  > Yasu : Art
  > Ryo : English
  > Tacchon : Science

2. Make Kanjani8 into the ideal family
> Yoko : Father <3
  > Subaru : Grandfather (since he is the "chichai ossan" xD)
  > Hina : Grandmother (since he is the "osaka obachan" xD)
  > Yasu : Son
  > Ryo : Son
  > Tacchon :
Daughter (sorry, but there has to be some girl in the next generation xD)

3. Kanjani8 is a host club, who would you pick? And why?
4. How would you like to be related to Eito :
> Yoko : Big brother (though I don't mind marrying him xD)
  > Subaru : Boyfriend => Husband <3
  > Hina : Husband xD
  > Maru : Boyfriend xD
  > Yasu : Boyfriend xD
  > Ryo : Big brother
  > Tacchon : Boyfriend => Husband <3

                      ~~~(yeah, They are all my types actually xD)~~~

5. Which member would you want as a boss? And why?
Maru ! I think even though I did something wrong, he would kindly try to correct me~

6. Which member you wouldn't want as a boss? And why?
Ryo, I have the image that he would bully me (though he is very nice off work) xP (but I love him ofc xD)

7. Is there a story you'd like to see made into a drama with one or more Kanjani8 members?
* I don't watch a lot of anime or read manga, so I don't know~ But there is a drama that I'd like them to remake it with Kanjani8 members !! It's "Atashinchi no danshi" IT WOULD BE SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO FREAKING AMAZING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

8. If you could meet and chat with only one member once in your life, who would it be?
    * I WANT ALL OF THEM !!!!!!!!!! T^T But if I really really really really have to choose one, it'd be Maru, Tacchon or Subaru (and Yasu, Ryo, Hina and Yoko xD)

I can't believe that I took about 2 hours to answer this !!! xD
  • ∞ How are you?? : ATTSU !!
  • ∞ Listenning to : Kanjani8 - ANEMONE
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Hey hey !!

I'm still continuing that game since I liked it xD

I found this one !!! :D (I'll be posting a lot of these for a  while xD)
And just for reference, those are KANJANI8 songs only !! :33

01. Are you male or female? : Osaka obachan ROCK xD
02. Describe yourself : Musekinin hero XD
03. What people feel when they are around you? : Energy (lol)
04. Where would you want to be now? : Funky Town Osaka (aka FTO)
05. How do you feel about love? : I to U
06. What's your life like? : Wonderful world!! (not the REAL LIFE, the one here in the fandom x))
07. What would you ask for if you had only one wish? : Fuyu koi
08. Say something wise : Fight for the Eight :D
09. What's the world's biggest misery? : Animal magic (XDD)
10. What is the weather like at this moment? : Heat is on
11. How would you desribe your best friend? : Friend like me
12. What is your favorite animal? : Zou xD
13. What is your favorite color? : Brilliant blue
14. What is your dream boy like? : King of otoko xD
15. What's your current mood? : RAGE
16. One of your secrets : Heavenly psycho x))
17. Your OTP : Adam and Eve
18. Your favorite food : Takoyaki in my heart :D
19. How could you tell someone that you like/love her? : Ai deshita
20. Did you like this quiz? : no-no-no

  • ∞ How are you?? : (somehow) PISSED OFF !!
  • ∞ Listenning to : NEWS - Nyaro
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That songs game... :D

Thanks to aistorm3104 , I finally remembered that I had to play that songs game in which you answer various questions by SONGS NAMES ! :D
It's unexpectedly FUN !!
And super difficult x)

Here is the one I got tagged in:

*Pick your artist/band : Eight Rangers xD
*What is your gender : You can see xD
*Describe yourself : Heavenly psycho
*How do you feel : All is well :)
*Describe where you currently live : West side!! xD
*If you could go anywhere, where would you go : Funky Town Osaka <3
*Your favorite form of transportation : My last train <3
*Your best friend is : King of otoko <3 XD
*You and your best friends are : FUN FUN FUN FUN FUN FUN FUN FUN XD
*Favorite time of day : ∞ o'clock 08 <3
*If your life was a TV show, what would the title be : Great escape~daidassou~ xD
What is life to you : Blowing Journey
Your Relationship : Mugendai (with Eito :'D)
Your fear : Explosion xD

I have thought, from long ago, about creating one too !! I'll post it once finished :D

**Have a small doze of Eito xD <3

  • ∞ Where are you?? : My room~
  • ∞ How are you?? : Nothing really~
  • ∞ Listenning to : Kanjani8 - RAGE
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BUT NOW I FOUND IT SUBBED !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm too happy to even put it into words X'DD
As well as the ep of Yoko in "Sawako no heya" or sth like this x))

I REALLY WANT TO WATCH YAMADA'S NEW MOVIE SOO BAD !!! But it hasn't even been released in cinemas x) He looks soo cute there ^3^ (NEVER CUTEST THAN EITO XD)
Here is a pic of him :

I also have a crush on Tegoshi xD (Well, I've always had a crush on all NEWS -AND EITO xD-)
So, here is a smiling Yuya during their current live tour WHITE :3 ~

Back to Eito ! (xD)
Here is a cute Tacchon to finish this wonderful day :D (I could watch this face all my-life long xD He is so unbearably handsome really!!! I sooo want to marry him~ T^T)
  • ∞ How are you?? : touché
  • ∞ Listenning to : Kanjani8 - Junjou koi hanabi
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